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7 Legit Ways To Get Paid For Amazon Reviews

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You don't need advanced technical skills or a computer science background to be an online tester. You just have to give honest feedback about the layout, design, and functionality of a website. Here are the best places to get paid to test websites: You'll have to complete a sample assignment before getting paid assignments. New tests are available every day, and you can choose between recording your experience or having a live conversation with a customer.

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PayPal How to Earn Money by Answering Questions Online (15 Ways)

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Facebook says it's removed the groups highlighted by Which?, with Amazon, Google and Trustpilot all saying that they've taken legal action against offenders in the past. With the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill soon to be published, companies could face huge fines if they fail to tackle fake reviews on their sites. And, says Which?, its latest investigation has uncovered more than a dozen groups trading fake glowing reviews for Amazon, Google and Trustpilot in exchange for free products or payment. These groups shared more than 62,000 members between them.

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