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class list

dcpi church planting... essentials or
church planting ...churches
examining our christian heritage i or
his - 2013 western world/ancient & medieval times aa
telling the nt story of god or
bib-1023 introduction to new testament
leading the people of god or
otr-4013 developing a missional church
investigating christian theology i or
the-3023 systematic theology i
communicating with spoken & written language or
eng-1013 english composition 1
exploring nazarene history & polity or
pas-2023 history & polity church of the nazarene
practing wesleyan-holiness spirtual formation or
pas-1023 spiritual formation
telling the ot story of god or
bib-1013 introduction of old testament
investigating christian theology ii or
the-3033 systematic theology ii
examining our christian heritage ii or
his-2023 western world/emerging modern society
exploring christian ministry or
pas-2913 the practice of christian ministry
declaring the gospel of god or
pas-3033 christian preaching i
foundations of women's ordination
interpreting scripture or
bib-1033 biblical interpretation
becoming a holy people or
the-1043 exploring christian holiness
communicating the gospel in a pluralist world or
otr-2013 global evangelism
preaching the story of god or
pas-3043 christian preaching ii
providing christian education for all or
cem-1003 intro to christian education ministries
shepherding god's people or
pas-3023 pastoral care and counseling
tracing the story of god in the bible or
bib-2013 pentateuch
supervised ministry experience
exploring john wesley's theology or
bib-2033 new testament gospels or bib-2053 pauline epistles
administering the local church or
pas-4023 church administration and finance
living ethical lives or
bib-3013 hebrew prophets
communicating christ cross-culturally or
phi-4013 philosophy and christian ethics